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NGFN Genotyping Platform

Within the National Genome Research Network (NGFN) the CCG provides access to high-throughput technologies for many German groups to conduct international competitive research work. In this service function, the CCG performs particularly association, linkage and positional cloning approaches in monogenic diseases, complex clinical conditions in populations, and response to therapies in individuals. The CCG also provides genetic consultation services e.g. in study design and bioinformatics to aid all investigators and collaborators. Appropriate technical equipment facilitates data handling and analysis.

  • Prof. Schreiber, Kiel (inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Prof. Hebebrand, Essen (obesity)
  • Prof. Pieske, Göttingen (diastolic dysfunction)
  • Prof. Reis, Erlangen (mental retardation and developmental disorders)
  • Prof. Ropers, Berlin (mental retardation)
  • Prof. Zerres, Aachen (neuromuscular diseases)
  • Prof. Voit, Essen (neuromuscular diseases)
  • Prof. Mundlos, Berlin (skeletal dysplasia)
  • Prof. Sperling, Berlin (DNA-instability)
  • Prof. Kennerknecht, Münster (population genetics, skeletal anomalies)
  • Prof. Hildebrandt, Michigan (nephropathies)
  • Prof. Blin, Tübingen (myopia)
  • Dr. Hoffmann, Berlin (hypertension)
  • planned: Prof. Elger (epilepsy)