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Sequencing Platforms

Illumina Genome Analyzers IIx

Currently, the CCG operates 3 Illumina Genome Analyzers IIx.


Two GAIIx analyzers acquired at end 2009


GAIIx analyzer provided by Prof. Hoppe
via CECAD in 2009.


  • Sequencing principle: Polymerase-based sequencing-by-synthesis
  • Read lengths: max. 152 bp
  • Runtime: 2-12 days
  • Amount of raw data: 12 Gb
  • Typical projects: Whole exome sequencing, Re-sequencing of model organisms, transcriptome re-sequencing, (re-) sequencing of enriched candidate regions, ChiP sequencing, small RNA sequencing

Roche 454 FLX Titanium

Roche 454 Sequencer

Roche 454 FLX Titanium Sequencer


  • Sequencing principle: Pyrosequencing
  • Read lengths: max. 500 bp
  • Runtime: 1 day
  • Amount of raw data: 500 Mb
  • Typical projects: de novo whole genome sequencing, de novo and re-sequencing of transcriptomes, sequencing of enriched candidate regions