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Next Generation Sequencing is a complex field with a large variety of applications and strategies. There is no study design that fits all projects so a detailed consulting service usually antedates any cooperation. The pricing list given in the service part of this website shows approximate estimates of expected costs whereas a binding calculation can only be given when all details of the project are discussed and agreed upon.

Input requirements are also quite different depending on the platform and application chosen; a standard paired-end library for the Illumina GAIIx e.g. requires 5ug of DNA. The purity, quality and amount of input material are especially for this technique a very important factor that affects the complexity of libraries, sequencing performances and amount and quality of data.

The sequencing run(s) can usually be scheduled about 4 weeks after the project is planned. The workflow can be delayed if ordering of special kits for rather uncommon applications is necessary or the project does not fill one flow cell and its run has to wait for other projects with a similar application.

The CCG also offers bioinformatics support for the data analysis of NGS experiments. For this purpose, standard state of the art analysis pipelines have been established and are updated constantly. Individually customized data analysis approaches can be implemented as well.

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Dr. Janine Altmueller
Cologne Center for Genomics (CCG)
University of Cologn
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50931 Cologne, Germany
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Prof. Dr. Michael Nothnagel
Cologne Center for Genomics (CCG)
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50931 Cologne, Germany
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